Jana Eklund, creator of The Blue Door, grew up in rural Texas where her country style blossomed.  Later, while studying abroad in Germany, she fell in love with old world European designs enriching her sense of style.  With a focus on high quality, Jana created The Blue Door. 

“What we surround ourselves with inspires us while revealing our character.” 

Using solid, sturdy, and storied products combined with her artistic talents, Jana creates heirloom pieces. 

The Blue Door provides one of a kind, high quality pieces enhancing peoples’ lives. These pieces have character that become part of your family, and like an old friend are always there to warm your heart.

hurricane lamps.jpg

Why The Blue Door?

Jana's favorite movie is Notting Hill which also places a premium on style.  In the movie the main character shares a homey modest flat with his roommate Spike.  This flat has an iconic blue door, hence the name.  Jana started her company with the thoughts and dreams of art, romance, humor, old benches, secret gardens and stolen kisses.


"For me, it's magic."